"Greg Gilbert is a man on a mission who will help you exceed your expectations.”
- Willie Jolley-CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Member.
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Please visit our new website www.FrontlineManagerUniversity.com

Please visit our new website www.FrontlineManagerUniversity.com

Please visit our new website www.FrontlineManagerUniversity.com

Welcome to the Leader Owner Mindset.

We improve profitability, sustainability and morale by providing Managers and Supervisors with the most overlooked, powerful and efficient leadership tools available; Education, Engagement and Accountability.

Already have leadership training? Great! Fill in the blanks for the last 12 months to see if we can compliment your current training;

1. Number of training hours? ____. (Education)

2. Not counting annual reviews, number of documented one-on-one discussions of the company culture, vision, expectations, personal progress or praise with each team member? ____. (Engagement)

3. Number of team members placed on a performance improvement plan or level of discipline? ____. (Accountability)

Increase these numbers, improve results. Increase Numbers 1 and 2, decrease the need for Number 3.

We work with leaders that want this level of development and accountability in their leadership team.

After hundreds of feedback sheets and one-on-one discussions with supervisors and managers, I have put into a letter what a Leader Owner Mindset Manager wants and deserves. This applies whether they are newly promoted or have been allowed to "meet expectations" for years:

To: My Manager

Thank you for the opportunity to serve in a leadership role. I appreciate your confidence in me. I will do everything within my ability to improve profitability, sustainability and morale. I look forward to learning from you.

Since I have been given the huge responsibility for the livelihoods associated with a six figure annual payroll, I deserve the opportunity to be successful. Train and equip me to grow and improve. I am not satisfied with maintaining.

It is your job to improve, develop and help me be successful. For this to occur, three things must exist:

• Education- Make sure I have the tools and training to be successful.

• Engagement - Talk to me. Don't assume I know your expectations. This is NOT through a rubber stamped annual review, an e-mail or company memo. Explain the company culture, your expectations, my progress, praise me, correct me and help me be successful. Do this on a regular basis.

• Accountability -Hold me totally accountable for improving the performance of my team. You have performance improvement plans, different levels of discipline and if all else fail terminations. For our sakes, be consistent and use them. To go months or years without using these tools is either low expectations or a lack of accountability. I plan on using these tools and want to use them correctly.

Through my past experience, I have two choices. I can create a culture of documented Education, Engagement, Accountability and improvement OR I can create a culture of unaccountability through years of no written documentation, performance improvement plans, levels of discipline or terminations.

I can improve profitability, sustainability and morale or waste millions of dollars of revenue provided by customers, donors, shareholders and taxpayers by continuing to pay poor performers.

I want the tools and training to be able to provide documentation of using these three basic leadership tools with my team whether you require it or not. I plan on using these tools to produce a candidate pool of future leaders.

Your leadership will potentially influence, shape and mold me but I refuse to place livelihoods in jeopardy by not using every leadership tool available to develop my team. I deserve those skills.

I look forward to our future success together.

Your Team Member

A boss employee mindset will never promote any portion of this letter due to the level of accountability involved.

We work with leaders that have or want this level of team development and accountability.

We provide this through our unique on-site Manager Seminars, Keynote Presentation and Local Leadership Seminars based on personal real life successes, failures and the actions that led to each.

"We want you to know more about the Leader Owner Mindset. We invite you to browse through our website, FAQ, Client List, Feedback, Blog, Podcast or click HERE for more information. Check us out. Get to know us.

As we teach in our seminar and keynote, nothing beats communication. Call my office at 870 777-1454 or use our Contact Page to let us know what time is good for you. Let's discuss your concerns, issues and see if we are a match for your organization."
- Greg Gilbert

Comments From Attendees

"Greg, I want to thank you again for the outstanding session you conducted. Our supervisors and manager walked away with more than they were expecting. Keep it up....you are a valuable asset to the HR field." - V. Kieth - Human Resources Manager - Longview, TX

"I have attended several leadership classes and left without anything to challenge me as a supervisor. This format and presentation was very beneficial and I plan on reviewing all of the material again as I strive to become a more effective and efficient manager." - WC- Resident Engineer - Arkansas Highway Transportation Department

"Your program was very pertinent and useful. Your "real life" stories allowed you to make a connection with your audience." - R. Davis - CFO, Paragould Light Water & Cable

"What I enjoyed most about his seminar is that he is not just a professional speaker delivering someone else's material. He shared personally witnessed successes and failures and what led to each. All managers and supervisors can relate to and learn from this seminar." - Comment from a Lebanon, Pennsylvania seminar attendee to their HR Manager

"The greatest satisfaction to a leader at any level is to know they have equipped a team for success, held them totally accountable and watched them develop. The improved profitability, sustainability and morale that follow are a bonus. The Leader Owner Mindset Manager knows that satisfaction." - Greg Gilbert

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